Gratis Advies

Wat is er nu mooier dan gratis advies? Tips, tricks en tools over hoe jij jouw droombedrijf kan krijgen door magische marketing.


Je kunt je inschrijven voor mijn nieuwsbrief. Daarin staan nog meer tips en adviezen. Ook geef ik regelmatig iets weg aan mijn nieuwsbriefinschrijvers, van korting op diensten tot gratis downloads.



Daarnaast kun je mijn blogs lezen op mijn andere website. Ik schrijf wekelijks een nieuw blog, in het Engels, op Hier staan de laatste die ik gepubliceerd hebt:

Digitalie simplifying marketing for small businesses

  • Why a solid framework is the best recipe for your business
    on 26 mei, 2020

    Have you ever asked your grandma how she makes your favourite dish? (You know, those pancakes or patties or -in my case- an ancient Mexican dessert that only exists in the region where I’m from). Did you get a ‘Well, it’s only these 4 ingredients, mix them up and bake it till done’ type of

  • Business 101: Laying down your Business Foundations
    on 28 april, 2020

    Your dream is to have a great business that fits you, your passions, your talents, the way you want to work and help people and the time you wish to and can spend on it. To build that dream business, you have to start laying down your Business Foundations first. As explained in The Guide to

  • Reviewing your clients
    on 21 april, 2020

    When you’re reviewing your business, it can be a great idea to consider your current and former clients. You can use the information you get when going forward with goal setting, strategizing your marketing and planning your content. It might even bring about changes in the profile of your ideal client. I learned all about

  • Automating your business: The Do’s and Don’ts
    on 14 april, 2020

    If you do X, Y and Z happen automatically—the basis of automation, which includes scheduling posts. If post scheduled time A comes around, it is automatically posted to Y – the social media platform of your choice. I am not a fan of a lot of automation. It can become fake, very clearly automated and

  • Explaining my Pinterest growth
    on 7 april, 2020

    Pinterest is a great way to get eyes on your video or blog. The visual search engine helps those that are searching for something to get specific and find it. Pinterest has a lot of how-to tutorials on there, but there are also all kinds of articles on why you should do something or about

  • Blog categories and tags: what are they and how can they be used?
    on 10 maart, 2020

    Your WordPress blog has the option to have both categories and tags. When do you use them? And how? In this blog, we talk all about categories and tags for your blog posts. The difference between tags and categories To discuss the difference between categories and tags, we need to first understand what they are.

  • 7 steps to completely understand your ideal client
    on 3 maart, 2020

    If we want to have a business, we need to sell our services and products. And to sell our services and products, we need clients. In the end, it is as simple as that. We might have problems with the word ‘selling’ – and yes I prefer coming from a place of service too –