Gratis Advies

Wat is er nu mooier dan gratis advies? Tips, tricks en tools over hoe jij jouw droombedrijf kan krijgen door magische marketing.


Je kunt je inschrijven voor mijn nieuwsbrief. Daarin staan nog meer tips en adviezen. Ook geef ik regelmatig iets weg aan mijn nieuwsbriefinschrijvers, van korting op diensten tot gratis downloads.



Daarnaast kun je mijn blogs lezen op mijn andere website. Ik schrijf wekelijks een nieuw blog, in het Engels, op Hier staan de laatste die ik gepubliceerd hebt:

Digitalie simplifying marketing for small businesses

  • How I use Tailwind to Pin my blogs
    on 7 juli, 2020

    You can write as many blogs as you want, but if you don’t promote them, hardly anyone will check them out. One of the best ways to get more traffic to your blog is to use Pinterest. This is a visual search engine that relise heavily on articles on websites. Read the step-by-step guide to

  • How to write a blog post (quickly)
    on 30 juni, 2020

    Writing blog posts is something you might want to do (more), but you wonder how to write a blog post quickly. Right now, it might be taking you hours (or at least it feels like that), and you would like to do it in under 30 minutes. Or you might want to know more about

  • How to do market research: Ask specific people the right questions
    on 23 juni, 2020

    Whether you want to develop your marketing strategy or a specific product or service, it’s essential to know if it will sit well with the people you intend it for. This means you have to be sure it’s landing with your ideal clients and to know that, you have to do some market research. There are

  • A Simple Overview of all Marketing Channels
    on 16 juni, 2020

    When you are thinking about which channels to use for your business, it’s essential to have a full array of the possible channels you could use. Below is a simple overview of the most used marketing channels. Traditional Media Business Cards / Stationery Papers (several kinds) Your business cards, stationery papers and other papers with

  • Shades of Brands
    on 9 juni, 2020

    Every time I am invited to write a piece on branding I have to giggle a little because, with me, you’ll never get a straight answer.  I can sit here and talk to you all about colour and give you tons of tips and tricks on how to choose them for yourself (relax, I will)

  • Your Marketing Strategy in 3 steps
    on 2 juni, 2020

    You and me, we want to build businesses we love. And we want the marketing to be easy. Something we don’t have to think about daily: we just want to know what needs to be done, do it and be done with it. We want it to be fun! To be able to do that

  • Why a solid framework is the best recipe for your business
    on 26 mei, 2020

    Have you ever asked your grandma how she makes your favourite dish? (You know, those pancakes or patties or -in my case- an ancient Mexican dessert that only exists in the region where I’m from). Did you get a ‘Well, it’s only these 4 ingredients, mix them up and bake it till done’ type of